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WSF Battle Line


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As the number of people who want to take part in combat increases I'm looking at dividing the combatants into two lines.

Each of the lines will be controlled by the Jarls Guard which at the moment is me and Rick.

One line will form up to the right of the group standard and the other to the left. Over the next few months I'll go through the list of group combatants the experience etc and then allocate  each of you to a line. I'll balance the lines as evenly as possible so the is an as even mixture of experience as we can get in each line.

This Battle Line has nothing to with Regia and won't affect what you do at regular only shows. It will however be used at any show in which WSF are fighting as a group. The first event of this type is York. At WSF only events the two lines will mean that we will automatically have two opposing sides to set against each other.

To get people used to fighting in their line we will set up two training events. mid December and one January just before Islip.

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Ok, battle lines set up.

WSF Battle Lines
Jarl Ste
Bannerman Andy
Right Line Left Line
Dave C Rick
Paul Williams Jake
Mike Bray Jessie
Josh C John N
Sam Cotty
Thomas Juliet
Sprocket Phil
Fran Sean
Col Nick
Craig Kerry
Bled JD

If I have missed anyone off this let me know and I'll add you to a line.

As an example of this in practice. At York the Right Line could be our front rank with the Left Line behind us in support.

I will be looking for deputy line commanders and I suppose Rick will do the same. For me the criteria for this is commitment and enthusiasm (I don't care how long you have been with the group or how many stamps you have collected). Also rather than right and left lines if you have any ideas for names for your line (clean and presentable to the public) then lets have them and I'll change the line names.

Any other questions re the battle lines then let me know.

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Check with Dave or Jacob but,
To go on the field in a regia event you will need a BFS in the weapon you wish to use but these can be done at training sessions where 3 groups are meeting and a Regia training officer or deputy present.
They will also do them at event like Jorvik if they know beforehand. (usually in the morning before regia training in the morning of the event.

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An update to the battle lines. First off big thank you to Col Powell for coming up with the names. As there were no other (real) suggestions they are now official. The left flank will be Raven (hraefin), the right will be Dragon (draca). So the line up is as follows:

Jarl: Ste

Bannerman: Andy

Hraefin                                          Draca

Rick (jarl's guard)                          Dave (jarl's guard)

Jake                                               Paul Williams

Jessie                                            Mike Bray

John N                                           Josh C

Cotty                                              Sam

Juliet                                              Johnathan

Phil                                                 Sprocket

Sean                                                Fran

Nick                                                 Col

Kerry                                                Connor

JD                                                    Craig

Laura                                                Bled

Lee V                                               Damian


As usual any questions let me know. 

I don't know about the rest of you but if we could get everyone in place for a photo shoot, the line would look awesome.

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