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  2. if this is oversubscribed i will see what other dates i can get
  3. if there will be more than one person in your party then say so in this area
  4. An opportunity to visit behind the scenes at the Royal Armouries in Leeds cost is £30 per person (payable in advance) and the behind the scenes stuff is 2 hours of looking at and handling finds from the edged weapons and armour stores led by one of the curators. we are then free to just look around the public areas. please indicate if you are interested by rsvping. if more than one person will be in your group then let me know in the event discussion. please read the attached file before committing Visitor Access Guidance_01.pdf
  5. group trip to go see the napoleon film at chesire oaks. optional meal beforehand at TGIs exact time tbc depending upon published showing times
  6. The big one in our core period is the Benedictine reforms known as the Cluniac Reforms. Big shake up of the monastic "organisation" with secular stuff significantly reducing and more coming directly under "church control" The Cluniac and Cistercian Reforms to Benedictine Monasticism (wondriumdaily.com) 1098 also saw the first non Benedictine monasteries spring up in 1098 with the first Cistercian monastery in Citeaux in central France
  7. missed this - gratz. you are right its as dull as a blade that has been smacked against a brick wall several times every day for 3 years. I did my practitioner 6 years ago and have never bothered renewing. and now you have it welcome to the world of PINO
  8. It would appear the somewhere in the Rotties history there was some allosaurus
  9. Ædwine ‘Brezki’ of Bebington Summoned from the Welsh Marches to aid in Æthelflæd’s reconstruction of Chester, Ædwine moved to Bebington to select and process timber for the works. He fell on difficult times, had to sell the tools of his trade, and now finds himself in debt bondage to jarl Svein - where he is learning the trade of pottery in order to supply his masters household and the various traders with whom he networks. He can often be found in the village answering to the name ‘Brezki’, either up to his elbows in mud and processing the raw materials - which can be found in great abundance in his adopted home, or helping out with whatever tasks the master requires. Do say: Ere Ædwine, there’s some lovely filth down ere! Don’t say: What’s that Saxon doing hanging round with a bunch of Norse incomers?
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