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  1. Ædwine ‘Brezki’ of Bebington Summoned from the Welsh Marches to aid in Æthelflæd’s reconstruction of Chester, Ædwine moved to Bebington to select and process timber for the works. He fell on difficult times, had to sell the tools of his trade, and now finds himself in debt bondage to jarl Svein - where he is learning the trade of pottery in order to supply his masters household and the various traders with whom he networks. He can often be found in the village answering to the name ‘Brezki’, either up to his elbows in mud and processing the raw materials - which can be found in great abundance in his adopted home, or helping out with whatever tasks the master requires. Do say: Ere Ædwine, there’s some lovely filth down ere! Don’t say: What’s that Saxon doing hanging round with a bunch of Norse incomers?
  2. Jonathan Breeze

    Jonathan Breeze

  3. Definitely going, but don't know if I'm going to be fighting fit.
  4. There was the Great Schism in 1050 (I think) between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, though as I understand it- had been brewing for a long time before. I guess there was also the split between the Trinitarian and Arminian factions since 1st Council of Nicaea (in 325). While that was way back, it’s got to have affected the beliefs adopted by Pagan converts. What else was going on?
  5. until

    Yeah, so I chickened out. If it has been a little closer for a first one or we had a few more going, then I might have gone.
  6. I'm looking for some small pieces of woollen fabric that are different to my standard grey so I can add patches (and some blessed differentiation) to my costume. Does anybody have any offcuts they can bring to the next training event? Payment can be made in grey flannel. Also, any suggestions about dyeing... is brown acceptable, what could I use and would grey woollen flannel hold it?
  7. Spent the morning trying to install a roof rack ordered specifically for my car only to discover they’d supplied for a Fabia and not a Superb. Slightly hacked off about that as it’s been sitting in the box since the start of Covid and I’m going to look a tit going back to them 18 months after it was bought.
  8. Yup, that would be me then. Imma going to get the two hander as I've started learning it, but it's a good job I also have a one hander.
  9. I asked in Facebook, but do noobs need to do a BFS test before we are included? ...It's a kind of rhetorical question, because I wouldn't want to do so until both you and I were happy.
  10. Okay, am trusting that my name is suitably self explanatory.
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