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One of the big, happening, things during our period was the uptake and rise to dominance of Christianity in the UK. 


However there were some big goings on in the world of the church that meant that all was not peace and love - far from it in fact...

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There was the Great Schism in 1050 (I think) between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, though as I understand it- had been brewing for a long time before.

I guess there was also the split between the Trinitarian and Arminian factions since 1st Council of Nicaea (in 325). While that was way back, it’s got to have affected the beliefs adopted by Pagan converts.

What else was going on?

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The big one in our core period is the Benedictine reforms known as the Cluniac Reforms. 

Big shake up of the monastic "organisation" with secular stuff significantly reducing and more coming directly under "church control"

The Cluniac and Cistercian Reforms to Benedictine Monasticism (wondriumdaily.com)


1098 also saw the first non Benedictine monasteries spring up in 1098 with the first Cistercian monastery in  Citeaux in central France

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