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Ashton Park. Combat Stuff


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A few points/reminders re the combat at Ashton Park. I covered this at the last training sessions at Rick's but realize some were not there or may have forgotten.

We will be using Regia rules and guidance for this show.

1. Date line: there is no specific date line for the show so it will follow our generic 930 ish Wirral based kit. The exception will be kite shields and dane axe. With Ruddlan approaching we need to start practicing using and fighting against kites shields. Anyone who has one feel free to bring it along. Helmets are not compulsory but if you wear one it is speccy or nasel. 

2. Protective equipment: you can wear protective equipment (vambraces, box, etc) but they MUST be under you clothing. Any visible (other than helmet and gloves) will have to be removed.

3. Prohibited kit: Great polish helms, lamellar armor, leather armor, anything Varangian/eastern looking (if you don't know what this is it means you haven't got any of the kit and so are good to go).

4. Sharp weapons: no sharps at the show. We cannot display them and there will not be a sharps display. If you bring a sharp you will have to leave it in your car or we will have to find somewhere secure to store it. 

5. Combat display: Depending on numbers this will be decided on the day. One new addition will be a trial carried out by myself, Sam and Laura. This will be loosely based on HEMA and will involve using masks. If it works great we have an additional display we can use, if not I'll get a few extra bruises. With that in mind Sam, Laura, we will need two straight swords (no sabers), an axe and a spear. I'll run through the program re this on the day.

Other points. The combat area as well as the wic is small. Please think carefully about what you are bringing. Do not bring stuff just because you have it. There will be limited space to store kit.

Numbers: depending on how many want to fight we may have to have a split (some morning, some afternoon). As it is our first show back I want to give the client VFM. So you may see that the more experienced guys get to do a little more. Don't take it to heart if this is the case. Watch and learn because it the next show you will be doing more of the work.

Any questions re this then let me know.

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