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How much do I take / make and what can I do.

Andy Q

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Bit rambling sorry :)....

Its one of those questions you think about when first starting out. How much kit do I take for a day on the Wic.

After you have started off in the group we like everyone to think about a craft that they might like to undertake and demonstrate on the wic.
Some will entail more preparation, equipment and or setup than others but that is ok and we (as the older WSF members) have all been in the same situation before.
Try and see what people do and what you might be interested in learning.
You don't have to have one activity. Most members have a series of activities they have learnt so they can changes to something else every so often for a change.

Some activities can be showed to the public and they are allowed to touch and feel. (The miden display for example) or the different coloured wools that Dave produces.

Others like the carving displays utilise sharp tools which can never be given to the public. Shown by the user by all means during a talk about their tools but not handed over.

Some activities like fire-lighting are always good to start with. A flint and steel are fairly cheap to obtains and then all you need it something to catch fire, We tend to use char cloth a lot because it catches a spark quickly and helps with quick combustion of material. Now in reality there is no evidence of char cloth from out period. (The earliest mention being 17th century) but it can be used for demo purposes telling people with have no evidence but also showing other material that would be around at the time, (thistle for example).

If your like Ste, or me and Jake you usually have a secret stash of fire material to be used all day. Have a small demo of kit to show what you might travel with and then have a days supply of combustible material behind you somewhere.

Lets face it as soon as someone sees you lighting fire. You'll be asked to do it again and again.... Kids and adults with fire....... So make sure you have extra material.

We use the same sort of method with the fishing display.
Small nets made to allow people to hold them and see their construction. Huge nets to hand behind.

We make a lot of natural hawthorn fishing hook as every event you will lose one or two to the rigours of demonstrations so making a 'job lot' of them whilst you are in the mood should give you enough to last all year. 
Again think about your persona, do you want to just show everyday kit that you might use in your everyday life or do you want something like a metal hook as well that will allow you to show a more expensive way of catching fish. We joke its the Jarls fishing hook as they would have taken time of the smith to make the wire and fashion it into a hook.

With any activity you want to do please feel free to discuss it with the AO's to see if it is suitable for use on the Wic.

Above all enjoy yourselves and have fun.



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Needles  Cases
Left to Right, Left to Right, Cheap to more expensive

Wood, Fish-shaped antler needle case, 10th C and Brass


You may have a needle tube all of which require skill to craft, or of simplicity make a wrap from a piece of spare material.


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