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Bedrolls, backpacks and other means of carrying stuff


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Continuing with the theme of how kit may have been carried by people in our period. If we were going far or had been called out on fyrd service away from our area then horses would have been used to carry the gear: weapons, armor baggage, etc. But what if we were going to a local town (Chester) or had to spend a few nights out looking after animals, what type of kit would be taken and how would it be carried?
Personally I've always favored the bedroll and below are a few photos of the kit I would carry. Obviously the time of year would play a part in the items I would pack. If it were colder I may add an extra tunic. The photo shows the kit I would carry if I were away from the homestead for a day or two. The kit consists of a large piece of heavy woolen cloth. This doubles as the bivi/groundsheet and also I use it to roll up all the kit in for carrying. There is a small cauldron which I'd only use if I was spending days and nights out looking after the animals. If I were going to somewhere like Chester then I wouldn't need this.  Then there is a cloak, gloves, hood, linen bag for food, bag for carrying bits in, water bottle, bowl, cup and spoon, flint and steel, small eating knife, seax and finally spear.
Second photo is of the bedroll put together. In all weighs 4kg. Food and water would add to the overall weight being carried.
There are still a few bits I need to sort out: sheepskin as a ground sheet and more authenty looking rope (I now have hemp rope). 
Have a think of the type of kit you would need and how you would carry it.   Rick and Ste have looked at the use of frames to carry kit. There is also some evidence of (small) wicker type baskets being used.
Trial and error is the way to go but think minimum. There are no light weight materials in our period so if you cannot carry it comfortably over the distance of a few miles, ditch it as its too big or too heavy. 
Any photos or ideas of your kit put them up here. Also any ideas lets hear them and test them out.

kit 1.jpg

kit 2.jpg

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