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This was in part jokingly made in line with my brother with our tender history with our dad and his wife which the persona has a bit or real life truth(but also having no idea if this kinda drama lama would exist), but mainly having an interest with how farming, foraging and fishing etc. was done way back when. 

Orm Antosson once lived on his father’s farm (insert place here, lots of shrugging) and as the eldest
son was set to inherit his father’s farm and land. (Mother either divorced/passed away and making assumptions on how inheritanceworked) Orm and
younger brother left for a fishing trip/raid/trade etc. Were away for a period and upon their
return found that their father had remarried(something something), leading to both brothers
being forced to leave/exiled. (More something, something) found themselves within Svein’s land, offering
themselves in service to him. Orm hopes to earn his freedom once again in time to come,
wishing to prove himself to in hopes to be given land for his own farm one day.(so on and so forth, only the first draft)


Orm apparently means snake/serpent/dragon/worm (but honestly not chosen for any reason bar the fact its the only name I felt confident in pronouncing😅)



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