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Material Weave Explanation

Andy Q

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Examples of the weave types used in the group.

Plain (Tabby) weave is our standard weave for all our basic clothing for workers.. Its what we should be wearing on the Wic.
(Unless we are playing a more posh character but there will only ever be one or two  in posh weaves on the Wic. This is played in turn by those with the correct kit and accessories for the part.)

Herringbone weave is for posh kit. It is not kit we should be wearing on the Wic. (Think of it as party wear for our feasts and special occasions or events where we need to demonstrate posh kit).
It uses more material than plain weave.

The Diamond weave is posher than the heringbone and uses more material in the weave. Again is is not for everyday use on the Wic.


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