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Rags to Riches… Well Eels, Andvari, Jakob & Janette NæmR

Andy Q

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Although a lowly thrall to Svein Gamall when they left Dublin in a hurry after a slight disagreement with Brega and Leinster combined forces.

Andvari NæmR lived up to his name and earned the respect of his now Jarl and subsequently his freedom for his service and dedication to protecting his lord from attacks of Hani Hǫfuð.

Made a free man and given 5 hides of land in Uppton by Hjarl Svein.
Andvari is not sure if this was an honour or some twisted joke from Svein knowing that 3 hides of the land are under water twice a day.
Andavri makes the most of this farming Eels/ fishing and raising Soay Sheep on the Bog Myrtle that abounds in the area which the Sheep eat and are also used for their medicinal properties.

He and his family still serve their Jarl closely and assist him when they can. (Well Eels as taxes are better than money as the Jarl has not realised 
they are easy to raise).

Despite being the son of a landowner. (If you can call it land). Jakob decided the smell of sheep and Eel slime was not for him and made himself indespensible at first as his Jarls shield bearer. Under his tutorage and that of the local tame Saxon
Aelfgar he has now become a fine fighter and likes to come back to Uppton to show off his latest wool finery, although he still loves the families dogs and can be occasionally found in his old ‘work’ clothes taking them out across the marsh with the sheep.

Vikings Names

 Andy - Andvari –

1) Old Norse name meaning 'life protector'

2) Old Norse name meaning 'the careful one'


Surname - NæmR

Old Norse ''næmr'' 'quick at learning'


Jacob - Jakob is a cognate of Jacob, mainly used in Germany and Nordic countries.

Jacob is a Latin derivation of the Hebrew name "Yaakov" traditionally thought to be derived from the word "akev" - which literally translates to "at the heel".


Jan - Janette - Yannette

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